The Rising

There is nothing subtle about unravelling,

it is raw, murky, unchartered,

stripping back what you thought you knew.

Yet in that very collapse, there is grace 

that says not to be afraid, 

for you are rising, not plummeting,

to the call that you are more than this.

For it is time to release the weight you have been bearing,

and ambiguity that shaded your life grey.

You have been preparing for this,

and it has arrived,

the timing perfect,

to begin your ascent,

into new and expansive beginnings.

And take solace in the shaking of your very foundations,

because even though you are trembling,

you can still look up,

and allow yourself to rise. 

A 45cm sterling silver wearable affirmation to remind your self, or someone you love, who is trying their hardest and refusing to give up that like us, you’ve got this.  No matter what. See

Published by

Leaning Inwards

Blogger. Cyclist. Hiker. Mother of four. Trauma Counsellor. Wild and peaceful woman pushing comfort zones.

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